Saturday, July 3, 2010

Eliminating Superfluous Content

I add and subtract images when I work on a painting. Initially, I extensively plan out my work. I make sketches, then progress to more complete work-ups on tracing paper. This aids in repositioning figures or objects, and easy access to the mirror image of an object. After the mock-up is finalized, I do a final gridded drawing to transfer to a large, gridded canvas.

Even after so much preliminary work and planning has been done, sometimes a 24" x 18" idea may not translate well to a 48"x 36" canvas. It may be simply a matter of scale, or it may be that some figures or objects distract from my central idea. When that happens, I have to eliminate superfluous content. That has happened with this painting: "House of Cards". This post shows two of the figures I have had to delete.

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