Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Turtle Trainer

This is a recent painting.  It's called "Turtle Trainer", is acrylic paint on stretched canvas, and measures 20"x16".  All the vestiges of circus have been removed.  All that is left is a boy, and his turtles, and the world they inhabit.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Miss Global Warming

In response to the overwhelming evidence of climate change, and mankind's contribution to it, I painted this painting.  It is called "Miss Global Warming, and is a 36"x36" acrylic painting on stretched canvas.  The face is modeled after the mother of artist Kay Sarver. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Time Flies

 It has been a long while since I posted.  Time flies by imperceptibly sometimes. Old black and white movies used a wall calendar as a motif to symbolize the rapid passage of time.  Each page represented a day, and the large black and white numbers would fall off the wall in rapid succession.  That device seems slow compared to what we experience in our world today. 

The painting above is a detail of a painting I have begun.  No title yet.  Five ostriches marching in succession.  They set the stage for a black and white checkered floor that spreads out in its perspective grandeur, setting the stage for.....This painting's purpose is to retrieve my sanity that I lost while working on a behemoth  project that took way too long, but that is the subject of a different post.  I digress!

"Prima Ballerinas" is a 24"x30" acrylic painting on canvas.  It incorporates the circus theme and the concept that life is one big act and we are its players.  I love to juxtapose animals with children in games that children devise, because innocence and humor are common byproducts of such behavior.  Many times the animals display infinite patience.