Sunday, October 3, 2010

Less is More; The Power of Small Art

This is a 12" x 9" canvas called Paper Hat. It is a study for a larger painting of this child in a room full of masks called "The Trying Room".

I had an epiphany about small works after spending 3 months painting a large canvas. It dawned on me that tiny pieces can have as much power as large ones. Small works demand the viewer to come closer for a look. Their diminutive size invites quiet contemplation. The large paintings that I have always painted scream at you from across the room: "LOOK AT ME; LOOK AT ME!" They are a bold presence, and not easily ignored.

On another topic, I sold a large painting yesterday from the Jack series; it's called "That's a Mighty Fine Looking Dog!" It was the first painting of the Jack Series, and can be seen on my website:

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  1. Love your art! Sorry to hear of Jack's passing. Your portraits of him are so wonderful. I especially like the one with the human body.