Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Death of a Pet

I am still mourning the loss of Jack. We are always unprepared in the face of death, but this dog went so quickly, that it was particularly hard to take. This is a portion of a drawing I made of him over a month ago.

This is a 16" x 20" acrylic painting of Jack. It is not yet completed. I am going to have a monarch butterfly in it. If you look closely, there is a ghost of a small butterfly in the background. I over painted the original dog head and butterfly because the images were the wrong scale. I like images to be bold and bigger than life. When they crowd the edges of the frame, I am happy.


  1. Wow, Trudy, these are both so beautiful and graceful! Jack is a lucky guy to be immortalized by such a talented and loving artist such as yourself!

  2. I just noticed you commented on my blog. Thanks for the encouragement. Love the drawings and paintings of Jack. We also experienced the sudden death of our dog last summer. We still miss our Suzie. Your paintings show the emotions you have for this pet.

  3. Sue said....Oh, Trudy, I knew Jack was not feeling well, but did not realize he was not here any longer. It is always so hard to lose a beloved pet. I remember your beautiful paintings of Jack at your Jung show.

  4. I think it's beautiful the way it is...
    Simply. Jack.
    But this is me talking. I'm sure it will be lovely with the monarch.