Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gambol Art Competition: Juror: Mary McCleary

I have entered these two paintings in the Art League Houston Gambol Show which opens Friday, December 2 at 6PM. The juror is one of the most amazing artists who will be in art history books someday: Mary McCleary. I will have to restrain myself at the opening and hide all evidence of idol worship, because I am definitely a fan.

The first painting above is called "Big Show." It is acrylic on stretched canvas, and measures 48"x60".

The second painting is titled "Courage." It is acrylic on stretched canvas, and measures 48'x60"as well.


  1. Absolutely awesome...
    subrudon=Sue Donaldson

  2. Amazing! Hope the show goes well! Will your art be coming to Austin, Texas anytime?

  3. Hi rgphil,

    I would love to go to Austin with my art, but don't have any plans to do so at this time

  4. Such fine work, Trudy! So impressed!