Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fantasy World

The quote is from Itzah C. Krej. It made me start thinking of fantasy worlds, and how we all live in our own fabricated worlds. Fantasy is easier to observe in children, because they don't disguise it. Adults, on the other hand, have a death grip on reality, but never stop to question
if their perceived reality is really real, or just a more sophisticated world of make believe.

Fantasy World; Acrylic on Canvas; 24"x36"


  1. ok seriously.......this is my FAVORITE PAINTING you have ever created!!! It is AWESOME!!!! I LOVE the quote! I was just telling someone today that I live in an idealistic fantasy world sometimes. It is so easy to forget reality (and laundry) when you are inspired...

  2. Wow Trudy, you have really been working since I last stopped by your blog! Fabulous stuff! Love the whole fantasy circus series. Magically weird and mysterious. Wonderful!

    1. Thanks, Tonya. I am having a show at Archway that opens Saturday, May 5th and 5-8 pm. Hope you can come. Glad you are back home on U.S. soil. Bet you have some incredible stories to tell. Would love to hear them!