Friday, January 18, 2013

Pretty Boy

The series I am working on, Pretense, is about performance, clothed in a circus theme.  The circus part is mere decoration.  I am interested in the fact that we are all actors, and are constantly creating our scripts.  Who are we? What do we want to do?  How are we going to do it?  Why? What should we say and how should we say it?   Some people put on grandiose performances from huge arenas, and always have a sold-out crowd.   For most of us, our stages aren't big- maybe a four foot circle, and the audience comes and goes.

This painting is of a young boy on a small stage as seen through a vintage looking glass.  He is a reluctant participant in this performance, and would rather be somewhere else.  Seated on his lap is a large white cockatoo.  The title, "Pretty Boy" is a double entendre about the beauty of the boy, and the  phrase we say to parrots.

The boy is sitting on a miniaturized circus cart that is used to cage and transport animals.  His stage is so small that the curtain behind him presses in on all sides.


  1. Hi Trudy,
    I love this little guy! What an expressive face and the detail and the oddities and patterns. So interesting!

  2. Thanks, Tonya. I loved this little guy so much that I did a companion piece called "Frog Handler."